Marine Business CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management

DockMaster’s marine management software will generate more traffic, manage incoming opportunities and allocate advertising budgets to areas that generate the best return. Analyze lead sources, evaluating the return on advertising expenses, implement customer retention initiatives, and rate sales representative effectiveness.

A Powerful Combination

The combination of the Footsteps lead management app and DockMaster’s LeadMaster™ CRM helps boat dealers and marine businesses stay in constant contact with customers and prospects and drive the sales process forward through automated, targeted communication with rapid response.

Customer and Prospect Retention

DockMaster helps your Sales Management to make sure follow up email campaigns and letters are being generated, prospects are being followed up on, and lead sources are being tracked.

Match Buyers to Sellers

Match buyers to potential sellers by comparing customers’ inventory and prospects’ needs. Generate opportunities for service customers and provide term maintenance tracking.

Getting Started

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