RVMaster is hitting the Campaign Trail!

So I got to thinking… what better way to get to know our RV Dealership prospects and demo our product than in an RV! I presented the idea to the Exuma Staff and they agreed – driving from town to town shaking hands and showing off RVMaster sounds like a blast!

And once we put our mind to something we pretty much run with it… so we’ve lined up a pretty sweet RV and will be driving from the RVIA show in Houston all the way to Louisville Kentucky with some very clear goals:

Meet as many users and prospects as we can, introduce the south to RVMaster and what we offer, eat a Texas-sized donut, get interviewed on a small town morning “RV technology in your neighborhood show” (if there is such a thing), see the Alamo, and of course, have some fun.

Keep checking the blog because in the coming weeks we will have more information on our trip! The tour is tentatively called “RoadRage” because we believe RVMaster is all the rage! But I have a feeling we may have a different name by the next blog post. So stay tuned! If you’re not on the first route you’ll be on an upcoming route and we’d really like to meet you!

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